BBQ Cooking: Black Pepper Pork Loin

BBQ Cooking - smoked pork loin

Another view of the smoked pork

Add this to your list of Thanksgiving recipes! It’s a nice change from turkey, and it’s great with cranberry sauce. Of course, this smoked pork is awesome any time – you don’t need a special occasion to enjoy it.

My three daughters and eight grandkids all decided to meet me at church today since it was Palm Sunday, and I wanted to have them all over for a big Sunday dinner after church. I went to the grocery store last night, and as I was trying to decide what kind of meat to prepare, I noticed that pork loins were half price. I snatched a ten-pound loin with a nice layer of fat on it. Hubby cooked it on the electric smoker all night over pecan wood, and it was ready when we got to the house.

Usually for BBQ cooking, I like to rub such cuts of meat and let them cure in the fridge overnight, but I didn’t have time. All I did was to douse the loin all over with apple cider vinegar, then rub garlic powder, onion powder, and lots of freshly ground black pepper into the flesh. It only got to sit for about 30 minutes before going on the smoker, but it turned out great! We ate it with barbecue sauce.

The meat I cooked wasn’t one of those little pork tenderloins – this was a big loin with bones and all. I usually prefer this type of loin roast because it’s like having pork chops, ribs, and pork roast – all in one! The clan devoured most of the meat. I’m going to shred the rest for pulled pork, and tomorrow we can enjoy pulled pork sandwiches for lunch.

As I said, the old man cooked the pork loin on the top rack of our electric smoker, with some pecan wood for flavor. He filled the water pan with plain ol’ water. It cooked low and slow for about 13 hours. You could do the same thing on a grill with indirect heat, but cooking on electric smokers is a cinch! I’m not sure we could survive without one…or two. For the loin, we used our Brinkman electric smoker, which we absolutely love!

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