Bourbon Pecan Pie

Welcome back to my online cooking school, y’all! I’ve had requests for online cooking classes about southern desserts, so today’s pastry is a wonderful dessert called “bourbon pecan pie.”

We have loads of pecans here in the Deep South, and they usually play a big part in Southern cooking. The orchards are everywhere, and many folks have a tree or two in their yard. My youngest daughter brought me a big bag of cracked pecans recently, and I picked out the nut meats at night in front of the TV. I gotta tell ya – I got to the point where I was sick of looking at pecans! I actually ended up treating the squirrels to a few. I put gallons of pecan meats in the freezer, and I made all kinds of goodies with the nuts. First of all, however, I had to make some traditional pecan pies to go with our Thanksgiving desserts. Here in the South, it just ain’t Thanksgiving without a pecan pie or two…or four!

I’ve used lots of different recipes for my pecan pies over the years, including Mom’s old recipe that was handed down from my grandmother. For Christmas last year, I tweaked it a little to make it my own. I think you’ll like it!

Holle’s Bourbon Pecan Pie

What you’ll need:

1 frozen pie crust

3 large eggs, beaten

1 cup sugar

1 cup dark Karo syrup (That’s corn syrup for you Northerners!)

2 tablespoons bourbon

1/3 cup melted butter

2/3 teaspoon salt

1 cup (or more) pecan halves

Directions: Mix together the eggs, the sugar, the Karo syrup, the butter, the bourbon, and the salt until smooth.

Scatter the pecans evenly in the bottom of the pie crust.

(Note: A lot of Southerners like their pecan pie to be “more pecan than pie.”  In other words, many of these folks like for there to be just enough sticky filling to hold the nuts together. I actually like the filling, however, but if you’d prefer less filling, you can turn this recipe into two pies by adding more nuts.)

Pour the mixture over the pecans.

Bake at 375 degrees for about 45 minutes.

Serve with homemade whipped cream for a decadent dessert!