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Old Fashioned Oatmeal Cookies

This recipe is for traditional oatmeal cookies – probably the kind your grandmother made. These cookies turn out soft, delicious, and chewy. And while they’re not exactly a “health food,” they are healthier than many other types of cookies because of the oatmeal they

Buttercream Frosting

Several years ago, I attended a pastry school short course, and one of the things I learned was how to make buttercream frosting, or buttercream icing. This frosting can be used for decorating as well as for frosting the sides and tops of cakes.

Homemade Cookies: Pecan Sandies

These homemade cookies are another favorite with my family. In fact, my kids practically grew up with pecan sandies. They’re really shortbread cookies, made with lots of butter. In the South, some folks call pecan sandies “sand balls,” I suppose because they’re cookies with