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Reedy Creek Restaurant

Reedy Creek Restaurant is located in Wayne County, Georgia, about twenty miles from the county seat of Jesup. Dining here is a real southern food adventure! The restaurant is out in the middle of nowhere, on a dirt road. The unassuming eatery is comprised

The Varsity

Atlanta, GA If you ever visit Atlanta, you just have to check out one of the iconic landmarks known as The Varsity. The largest hotdog stand in the world, The Varsity covers an entire city block across from Georgia Tech University. This fast-food eatery

El Cazador

Tifton, GA Valdosta, GA I bet you already guessed that El Cazador is a Mexican restaurant, and you’re correct. It serves authentic Mexican cuisine, at great prices. And although the food at El Cazador is awesome, that’s not the best thing about paying a