Dan McCorvey’s Stuffed Venison Backstrap

Try Dan's best venison recipe!

Dan McCorvey hails from Ashburn, Georgia, and he’s rather famous locally as a grill master. I talked with Dan last night, and we were discussing the best venison recipe we’d ever eaten. He shared a venison recipe with me that he says is awesome. I’ve eaten a lot of Dan’s cooking, and it’s all been wonderful, so I take him at his word on this deer recipe.

I don’t need to write this one in standard recipe form because it’s so simple. Dan likes to marinate a backstrap in Allegro marinade for a few hours. While the venison is marinating, he places a spicy smoked sausage link in the freezer. The sausage link needs to be the same length as the backstrap. Dan lets the sausage partially freeze, until it’s very firm but not frozen solid.

After the deer meat has marinated sufficiently, he uses a long sharp knife blade and makes a cut in the one end of the backstrap, right in the center. He then stuffs the stiff sausage into the hole and through the length of the meat.

Dan makes a fire in one end of his grill and cooks the backstrap over direct heat until it browns on all sides. Then he moves the venison over to the other side of the grill to cook from indirect heat. He keeps the grill lid closed so that the meat can get a nice smoky flavor. Serve the backstrap by slicing vertically, into “discs.”

Dan told me next time he cooks this dish, he’ll take a photo for me!

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