Grill the Perfect Steak

Grill the perfect steak

A buddy of mine is a chef at a nice local restaurant. Some friends and I ate at the restaurant one night, and one of our group ordered a steak. She went on and on about how wonderful it was and offered me a bite. Never one to turn down good food, I accepted. She was right – the steak was awesome! I ran into the chef a couple of weeks later and asked his secret. How does he grill the perfect steak?

He informed me that their steaks were great because of several factors. Some of these I already knew from my own BBQ cooking experience, but some of the tips were new to me. I’ll happily share them with you so that you can grill the perfect steak, too!

  • Before grilling a steak, allow it to come to or near 70 degrees.
  • Never salt a steak before cooking, unless you’re using the salt-cure method.
  • The steak should not have any water-based moisture on it, so any marinade should be wiped away with paper towels. A light coating of oil, however, is good.
  • Don’t use a fork to turn a steak. Use tongs, instead.
  • A little sugar will help a steak form a brown crust.
  • Never cook a steak that’s less than an inch thick on the grill.
  • When grilling a steak, turn it only once.
  • Lots of top restaurants bake their steaks at 300 degrees in the oven after searing them at high heat on the grill. Some restaurants do it the other way around – they bake them at a low temperature and then sear them.
  • Remember that steaks, like other meats, will continue to cook after they’ve been removed from the grill. If you want a medium-rare steak, for example, take it off the grill while it’s still rare.


Do I agree with all these “steak secrets”? I’m not sure. I definitely agree with most of them. About the only one I question is never using a fork because it will pierce the meat. For cheap, tough cuts of meat, I sometimes pierce them with a fork before cooking, along with using a commercial meat tenderizer. Now I’ll have to compare my method with my chef-buddy’s method! I’ll let you know how that turns out.