Steve and Sandy Jones’ Butts and Links

smoked pork shoulder and sausage

We went over to some friends’ house recently for some outdoor BBQ cooking. I wasn’t sure what to expect since they’re not native southerners – they’re from Indiana. I was pleasantly surprised, however! I think Steve and Sandy have acclimated well to the Deep South, and since they make such great BBQ, I guess I’ll have to stop calling them “Yankees.”

They rubbed the butts – Boston butts, or pork shoulders – with a dry rub and smoked them long and slow over pecan wood, which my husband provided. Next, Steve did something a little different. When the butts were almost done, he covered them with spicy smoked sausage links and continued cooking until the sausage was done. When the butts came off the smoker, I was assigned the duty of pulling the pork, which I did with two forks.

I asked Sandy about the rub they used on the butts. She used a simple dry rub, made of equal parts salt, black pepper, paprika, and brown sugar. She wrapped the rubbed butts and left them in the fridge overnight.

The butts weighed about 8 pounds, and they cooked for about 12 hours. Steve kept the temperature on the smoker between 210 and 225 degrees.

The smoked pork shoulder and the sausage links were awesome! As the sausage cooked, they dripped seasoned fat onto the butts, providing a wonderful flavor. Try this method the next time you’re doing some BBQ cooking!

Sandy and Steve Jones