The Pampered Chef

Ever heard of “The Pampered Chef”? My best friend had a party in her home that featured The Pampered Chef products, and, of course, she invited me. I’ve never really been a big fan of parties like these because I always feel obligated to buy something, even when there’s nothing I really want. Since this was my best friend, and because it was about cooking, I decided to go. Wow! Seeing nothing I really wanted was not a problem. In fact, I wanted two of everything!

I purchased several items, and I’ve enjoyed all of them. One item I especially like is the trifle bowl. I already had a trifle bowl, but the bowl and stem were one piece, making it too tall to fit in the fridge easily. Evidently, the folks at Pampered Chef have a lot of common sense. Their trifle bowl has a removable stem, along with a plastic lid, so I can create a trifle or salad in the bowl, put the lid on, and leave it in the refrigerator until the dish is ready to serve. How cool is that?

I also bought a set of flexible cutting mats. The mats are color coded and come in green, red, and orange, so when you’re slicing and dicing several different foods, you won’t have to worry about contaminating your veggies with raw meat or poultry. The mats have a special non-slip backing, so they don’t slide around your countertop while you’re working. And when you’re ready to add your ingredients to the pot or pan, you can just roll up the mat and funnel them in.

I enjoy making “food art” sometimes, so I just had to have the V-shaped cutting tool from Pampered Chef, too. I’ve used it often to make beautiful watermelon boats for fruit salads. It also works great on grapefruit, oranges, and honeydews. Oh, from the same category, I had to have the zester. With it, I can make those long strips of veggies that look so great as a garnish.

Pampered Chef also has food products, including spices, rubs, extracts, infused oils, and sauces. I think I’m addicted to their chocolate raspberry sauce. It’s amazing on ice cream! I sometimes spoon it over warm pound cake, too. The sweet, velvety chocolate and the tart raspberries is the perfect flavor combination.

Okay, I saved my personal favorite Pampered Chef products for last – the cookbooks. I have tons of cookbooks, but after a while, all the recipes look the same. Not so with my Pampered Chef cookbooks! Their recipes are simple and easy to follow, but the results are spectacular. My favorite recipe from Pampered Chef is the Florentine chicken ring. Not only is it delicious – it’s also beautiful and elegant. I’ve tweaked the basic premise to create my own recipes, too.

What else can you find at Pampered Chef? They have all kinds of cutlery, kitchen gadgets, cookware, stoneware, bamboo, buffet and party service, dinnerware, and products for grilling and outdoors. You can see their products online, or you can attend a home party. Host a Pampered Chef show in your home, and you’ll get big discounts and free merchandise!