The Varsity

Atlanta, GA

If you ever visit Atlanta, you just have to check out one of the iconic landmarks known as The Varsity. The largest hotdog stand in the world, The Varsity covers an entire city block across from Georgia Tech University. This fast-food eatery has been serving up hotdogs, fries, and onion rings for over eighty years!

The hotdogs at The Varsity are cooked southern-style – boiled dogs and soft steamed buns. Top your hotdog with creamy slaw or with beanless chili. If you want a hotdog with no condiments, order a “naked dog.” And don’t forget something to do with your dog – crispy fried onion rings or freshly cut French fries.

The atmosphere at The Varsity is fun and laid back. This is largely due to the attitudes of the employees, many of whom have worked there for decades.  The lines are long, but they move quickly. To help the process along, decide what you want before you get to the counter. Be ready to respond to the familiar “Whatta ya have? Whatta ya have?”