Watermelon Fruit Boat

Watermelon boat photo by Emily Barney

I’ve made several watermelon boats for fruit salads, especially for parties and cookouts. If you’re having an outdoor event for Memorial Day, July 4, or Labor Day, make one of these! You can do it – it’s really easier than it looks, and it makes a festive container for fruit salads.

When I made my melon boats, I used a ball point pen to draw the shape I wanted. The point of the pen was retracted. If you don’t have a steady hand, you can make a pattern from stiff paper. Once you have the outline drawn, just cut along the lines with a small sharp knife. Sometimes I made a wavy or scalloped pattern, and at other times I made a “basket” with a handle.

Before drawing the lines on the watermelon, cut a slice from the top large enough to get a hand in. You’ll need to scoop out all the fruit and seeds first with a large spoon. Cut the flesh into chunks or use a melon baller. Add more seasonal fruits to fill the melon boat.