Wusthof Chef’s Knife Review

Wusthof 6 inch cook's knife

I recently bought myself a new kitchen knife. I have a 12 inch kitchen knife already and wanted a more general purpose one , so I decided to try something different and bought myself a German knife this time – a Wüsthof 6 inch Ikon cook’s knife to try a different maker for a change (I usually buy Japanese kitchen knives). If you are going to cut with the kitchen knife, you want a well balanced, sharp edge and this Wustof knife is certainly that.

Wustof knives have a strong reputation and I am not sure why I had never bought one before – probably put off by the price I suppose, but now I am a little more grown up, I understand that a good kitchen knife will last a lifetime if properly cared for. So I splashed out on this and have not regretted the decision.

This knife is perfectly balanced, amazingly sharp and will slice veggies and fruit wafer thin (see photo). I love it and will definitely be buying more of these as my budget allows. It was originally designed as a professional chef’s knife and is totally perfect for slicing vegetables and herbs – a great all rounder as far as I am concerned. The handle is made of blackwood which is extremely dense and balances the steel perfectly – plus is very water resistant. If you can afford one of these babies – go buy it on Amazon – they are on sale at the moment. Did I mention I love this knife?

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